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I'm starting something new on blog , I'm gonna write about fashion designers and bloggers , people that inspire me and made a name for themselves all in  partnership with Intoxicated Fashion Magazine  , the magazine that I've started writing for .
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Ollia Alexandra Rarisame is a stunningly beautiful, 26-year old Russian socialite and heiress of a Russian oil magnate. She is the daughter of a prominent Russian businessman, oil-magnate and politician, and loves living a life of luxury.Ollia can often be spotted at over-the-top, luxurious parties along with Greek and Russian shipping-heirs on St. Tropez Super Yachts. There is one guarantee, she is always “dressed to the nines” and wearing the latest fashion that rivals any celebrity woman today.

With her love for high fashion, Ollia Alexandra Rarisame has worked hard and founded her own fashion label – aptly named “Rarisame”. Ollia’s luxury clothing label is scheduled to launch later this year in the United Kingdom. For such a young age, you could say that Ollia Rarisame has “lived a lifetime.” Because of her past life experiences, it has molded her into the beautiful, entrepreneur that she is today.

Rarisame is one of the fastest growing fashion brand in London, Dubai and Russia. Girl behind this brand is no one but already famous and a celebrity fashion designer Ollia Alexandra Rarisame. Recently she has been interviewed by many international magazines like Vogue China, Arabian Women, GQ, Intoxicated Fashion etc. 

Being only a year old brand and gaining so much publicity, Rarisame has been followed by many fashion lovers. While talking with her last week, she shared her thoughts about future of Rarisame brand and she told us that Rarisame is soon going to have a merger with German fashion giant in Autumn.

Success always comes with problems, Ollia has faced lot of problems to achieve this position. Some blogs are posting things against her and trying to interfere in her personal life. But history is a proof that talent is like water which finds its own way to success. Ollia Rarisame is an example. 

Ollia Rarisame currently resides in Belgravia – in central London.  In addition to her love for luxury fashion, Ollia keeps busy with many philanthropic ventures including her involvement in both the Serpentine Gallery Patron and Anti-Human Trafficking charities.

Apart from fashion, her love for writing was never a limitation. So to meet her this love for writing she is working as an editor in chief of a lifestyle fashion magazine

Kisses R .

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