Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Review : Note pencil eyeliner

A new day a new review , i've been testing this eyeliner for a while now and it's just puuuuurfect !

I'm not a fan of eyeliners , not because i don't like them it's just because  i find it so freaking hard to draw that  little line ( or one is perfect and the other one is drunk ) . I even cut back on them like for a year ( gosh i know ) and when i received this i wasn't very into it at first .

Luckily i had a wedding to attempt and i wanted bold lips and just an eyeliner  to make my eyes bigger ( well the caffeine help me that night too ) . And to my surprise it was easy ! And none of the lines were drunk :)) !

So this little fellow is in my backpack since then and it's so simple going from a day time makeup to a night one , a bold lipstick & killer eyes .

I've always thought these eyeliners aren't so good , that the color isn't dramatic , so the joke's on me i guess

I should get this in brown also , hmm , well till then i'll be using this one , and especially tonight ! MAMAS Night OUT !


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