Monday, December 18, 2017

Cupio goodies under the tree

Can't believe this week it's Christmas !! 🎅 This month just flew by and honestly i'm not ready for this year to end, it's been by far the most incredible and amazing year of my life . I just need one more month between December and January to make everything alright !


Long story short, Christmas is still just 6 days away and we still have to wrap the presents for our loved ones, and ours of course .

This is my 1st order from CUPIO, that includes :

  • a lip gloss
  • lipstick 
  • metallic eye-shadow
  • blush
  • face primer 
  • eye primer 

My favorite is the lipstick , is a semi matte lipstick in a nude color . Is my to - go when i don't have time to put any make up on but still i don't wanna look like i've not been sleeping for the past 5 months 😆

The lip gloss is ok but i though is would be darker and it turned out to be sheer . The eye shadow is really cool , it's perfect for a night out ...with the baby 😆  . The blush is in a sheer pink shade, i use it together with a bronzer , it just looks better .

Well the primers are amazing ! The face primers smells incredible and leaves your face soft and smooth, the eye primer really makes the eye shadow pop !

if you want to find some Cupio goodies under your
🎄 tree you still have time ! 

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