Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My week through phone

                           My sweet present from my love , a perfect morning 

Selfie overload , found some great items this week .

1. My spring scent , Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste 2.-3. Found my wonderland , a perfect garden in the middle of the city , a real oasis 4. Thinking of getting my 5th tattoo , and I just found the perfect word to describe my life lately . Happy !

1. Let's play ! Great games and applications for your phone or laptop , must try ! 2. How cute can this baby be ! and she is all mine ! 3. Background kitty , fooling around at my boyfriends house, some quality time with the people I love 4. New stuff in my closet, everything looks better in black , well with a touch of gold,of course 

1. Obsessed with sunglasses , just bought a new pair 2. Mango girly dress, waiting for summer to rock this 3. Car selfie and the best coffee to go 4. Shopping spree

My " rain all day " face 

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Kisses R. 


  1. Nice post, love your pictures <3


  2. Samsung rullz. :)
    Ce inaltime ai? Pari foarte inalta. :D

    1. Si eu la fel :)) Voiam sa te intreb de unde iti iei blugi de obicei, eu imi gasesc destul de greu :((

    2. Sincer m-am resemnat si ii port suflecati :)) in pull&bear gasesc pe lungimea mea :)


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