Saturday, October 4, 2014


Hello loves , tonight I want to tell you about my lates app crush , Catwalk15 , and the best thing is that it's free . 

So let's see what this app can do . First of all it's like you have a personal style advisor in your pocket , if you are at home and can't decide what to wear just post a photo and wait a few minutes and voila , the fashion helpers will come to your rescue. 
And also if you can't decide if you shoud buy that skirt you already have but in a different color , we're girls aren't we :) , we are here for you ladies . 

What do you think loves , will you give it a try ? Just a few clicks away 

Edit your profile and let's talk fashion . 

Forgot to tell you , everyday a best outfit of the day is pick ! How cool is that , kisses love

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  1. Am vazut si eu aplicatia zilele astea...super interesanta!


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