Friday, October 17, 2014

Once upon a time . Eva Garden

“Life isn't a fairytale but we can make it like a fairytale” 

Do you remember when you were young and played with your mothers make up ? And how you dressed up and pretend you were a real life princess , well that don't have to stop to just because you grew up . 
We put on make up everyday , we play with colors and create a different image every time . That's what I like about make up , you can pretty much be a different person every day . 

You already know about my collaboration with Eva Garden and how exited I am , girl + make up equal love every time . I chose a dark lipstick number 345 , it's a burgundy red , perfect for fall . 
It leaves your lips full of color and soft for hours . 

Because I'm a foundation addict , I also chose a creamy highlight foundation number 250 , with SPF 20 so it's perfect for everyday use .  " Rich in active ingredients restores the skin it's natural splendor for an incredible ' nude skin ' effect that lasts all day " . 
Well , my skin loves it , you just have to found what your skin needs , click here for more

Visit the showroom on Sucevei , nr . 49 , Oradea . Romania . Find your color match .

x The tale has been finished,but there is still story to be told ...

Andreea  Design  dress / Pimkie cardigan / All Brands Shop necklace / Deichmann rubber boots /                                                                               H&M lace stockings .

Make up | Alpa Est | Eva Garden beauty products .  

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