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“A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement” 

It's past 12 pm and I'm lying in my bed tired but not quite ready to sleep , you can tell it was monday today , before I say goodnight  I want to tell you a little secret .

This cold weather isn't doing our skin any good and we need to protect it even more these days when the temperatures go below 0 degress . 

One night I was searching the web and I found something that caught my atttention , a web site that sels organic products , after more than a hour spend on their site , I chose to order a bottle of rose water and almond oil . 

After one month of use I have to say I'm very happy with the result , and I'm on my second order for another rose water and this time I want to try some organic coconut oil also  , sounds yummy ! 

 Almond Oil 

Is one of the most popular vegetable oil , recommendet for all skin types , especially for dry skin . 
I use it on my face , the cold air  really dries my skin so every night I put a little on a cotton pad and gently rub my face . 
I also use it on my lips and hands , the oil penetrates the skin instantly , leaving it soft and healthy looking . 
Recently I used it on my hair tips , the result is a shinny & strong hair . 

Rose Water 

Is a nobil tonic suitable for all skin types , antiage that moisturizes and refreshes the skin . 

I use it with the almond oil to clean my eyes instead of a regular cleansing . It really works and my eyes stop weeping like they did before . Besides the cleaning it also hydrates my eyes area . 

Every morning I clean my face with a cotton pad soaked in rose water , it's a wonderful way to start the day , the smell and feeling are just divine . 

I think I made a really nice choice , can't wait for my next order to come ! 

You can find them on facebook  Elemental  or on web . 

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful ! xoxo

Love R .


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