Saturday, March 15, 2014

House deco inspirations

“The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.” 

Hey loves , I thought I'll do this post for people like me who like to change or reorganize their home frequently . I make from little to big changes to my house periodically  and I never get tired of doing this . I use for inspirations different sites like +We Heart It  or +Pinterest , you can find some amazing ideas there .
I like in my Saturday mornings to clean and tidy my house , my routine is pretty much the same every time , I read and answer my mails while drinking coffee and searching the web for inspiration. I spend almost 30 minutes on tumblr. , everyday I found something that inspires me .
I found some great ideas for the house loves and I will share them with you , some of them I've already used for my house . 
Hope you like and let them inspire you ! 

Always keeping fresh flowers in the house 

you can find some great pillows at +H&M home 

As you probably have notice from this photos I'm into vintage stuff and I love to give my house an old glam look . I also love candles and buy them every time I go in a shop , they give a warm feeling to the room and also they smell incredible , my favorite are with vanilla and cinnamon .
I wish you all a relaxing and lovely week-end .

Kisses R.


  1. Such a inspiring pictures of beautiful interiors!

  2. I love mixing and matching styles - vintage + modern. It's so much fun changing your home decor every once in a while. I love the style of al these rooms. I'm a big fan of pinterest + we heart it. Happy to follow your blog!

  3. thank you dear xoxo your so sweet



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