Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Sunday


The day..I planned a lot but actually do nothing.”

Sunday ,my favorite day of the week ,I like waking up earlier so I can enjoy the all day. 
We always go to our favorite place for coffee before heading into town .They have the most delicious " home bake " pastries .

My favorite are with chocolate ! Yum yum ! 
We took some outfit photos that I will show you next week on blog. I leave you with a lil' preview of my today's look .

We then went on a house hunting spree. I think we spent over 4 hours in different stores , but I didn't found a bedside lamp that will work for my new bedside table that my baby got for me. However we bought a vintage tea box , I'm into vintage stuff lately, that I will use for storing my jewelry.

Found some nice stuff also , I love the little things , they give life to a room . I love having flowers and lots of photo frames . 

found the perfect box to store my coffee

Matching pendants for us , so sweet 

 It's spring time ! 

We'll end the day with a movie and some wine . Have a nice evening loves ! 

Kisses R. 


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