Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to put a baby to sleep

the sleep issue

The first week was super easy ,she was sleeping for 5-6 hours straight and wake up just once in the night.Well , she still wakes up once in the night but in the day those long hours turn in 1.5-2 hours per nap and sometimes a big gap between them . 

So to help my baby sleep faster ( and me also ) i found out some tricks to help me during the day .

Play White Noise Sounds

Slumber-buster: Slight noises -- even you clicking off a lamp -- wake your baby.
Sleep-through solution: Use a white-noise machine or a fan to create a gentle hum that masks other sounds. "A whooshing white noise becomes a sleep association," says Dr. Kennedy. "If you turn it on as part of your baby's bedtime routine, it'll cue her to relax and go to sleep." Don't want to buy a noise machine? Search online for "white noise MP3s" for downloadable sound tracks, like one of a hair dryer.

And so we did ! Found some great apps and my life just became easier , well for now . She's just a month old ,so i'm curious to see how long will this trick last . 

My favorite is the Instant Baby Sleep , is so easy to use and our favorites are the sound of the car and vacuum cleaner. And also you can choose how long you want to play them , ours are on most of the day :)

Relax Melodies are also great , it helps me go to sleep faster also . the sound of the rain is just great ! 

Slumbertime , is nice but i think is for much older kids , we'll try this in a month or so to see if she likes it then . 

And the result is priceless 

One happy sleeping baby .

So any tricks up your sleeves mamas ? Let me know !

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  1. da. un sistem de purtare ergonomic...100% somn ��


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