Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Our maternity photoshoot

“In soul of every newborn baby, 
words are waiting to be written.” 

Well our baby's due date was today ! but she kinda surprised us and came on the 30th of June , i think she wanted to meet us as badly as we wanted to meet and see her beautiful face . 

So , she's almost 2 weeks old already and i just can't take my eyes of her . Well she's just sleeping and eating for now so i have plenty of time to stalk her :) .

Just 2 weeks before i gave birth , we took some maternity photos that i simply love . We wanted to do something simple , outdoor , just like our engagement photos. 

for my sweet baby , Ana Victoria 

“She was perfect. I knew this the moment she emerged from my body, white and wet and wailing. Beyond the requisite ten fingers and ten toes, the beating heart, the lungs inhaling and exhaling oxygen, my daughter knew how to scream. She knew how to make herself heard. She knew how to reach out and latch on. She knew what she needed to do to survive. I didn’t know how it was possible that such perfection could have developed within a body as flawed as my own, but when I looked into her face, I saw that it clearly was.” 

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