Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Beauty Care part 2

Hey hope you liked the first part of the article because today I'll be sharing some of my skin care products.

I have dry skin so my big problem in winter days is to hydrate it . I use lots of mask , some of them home made but lately I've been obsessed about coconut oil . You can find it almost anywhere from supermarkets to pharmacies .At the moment I'm using 3 types of mask : Coconut Water , Raspberry Smoothie and Blueberry Burst .
The Coconut one is a moisturizing and cleansing mask with coconut and shea butter , the raspberry is for pore cleansing and it contains besides raspberry also mango, apricot, peach and pomegranate .
The last one, is full with antioxidants. 

My face cream is from Garnier and it's Moisture Match Goodbye Dry and it's perfect for dry skin .It contains camellia oil , omega and shea butter .  
Just perfect for my skin .

Recently I came across ALPHA HDYROX  , a anti-wrinkle treatment .I absolutely love it , it leave my skin healty-looking and glowing.

In addition to all of this I also use a thermal water .I've used a variety of brands and they all do the same thing so I don't have a favorite one .I've purchased one from sephora some days ago and I'm happy with it.

I'll leave you with something I've found while making this post . I'll give it a try ,will you ?

Enjoy .

Kisses R.

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