Thursday, January 9, 2014

This year's goal

Today is all about exercise . A healthy mind in a healthy body so let's start girls .

I've always said tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow,well that's enough I've started the year with a gym pass and I couldn't be happier .

I've also started eating more fruits and having breakfast every morning . Each day i'm trying a different smoothie, you can find great recipes here :

Besides the gym I also do exercise at home , I've found this on the internet and it quickly became one of my goals , it't called 30 Days of squats :

I'm in my 10 day now and besides the muscle soreness nothing can't stop me from reaching my goal .

Goals are everything from having a killer body this summer to having a fit body all you're life . You just have to find you're life's goal , afterwards it all comes naturally .
After i finish my 30 days I want to start this also :

Wish me luck :)

Do you have any goals for this years ? 

Kisses R.


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