Friday, January 24, 2014

Glowing Skin

Well it looks like winter is back in business so I'm replacing my t-shirts with warm and cozy sweaters . And also changing a bit of my skin care routine .
I think everyone wants a healthy glowing skin so I want to show you some tips for that , they do wonders for the skin especially in cold days when the wind and air are our worst enemy .

Cold weather can be extremely drying , due to indoor heat and outdoor wind , that makes the water in our skin evaporates leading to dryness , redness and uneven texture. For that we need to replace our oil-stripping foaming cleanser with a cream-based one that leaves hydration levels intact.
I'm using a cleanser for Avon , Anew Ultimate , and it's doing the job quite well . 

Sweeping toner on the face after washing it is good, it pulls in the moisture and balance ph levels , it locks in the hydration.You must avoid alcohol-based and buy ones with ingredients like hyaluronic acid or panthenol , which heph to keep the skin hydrated.

I found this in Budapest and it's incredible !

For the face cream try using balms that have the first ingredient water and emollients like glycerin and shea butter.

Very important is to use a skin exfoliant, because when the surface skin cells dry out , they create a rought and dry texture .

Also from Budapest , it's smells incredible and it's all natural .
Just divine.

However, like the skin , your lips need peeling also, a more gentle one of course . I use brown sugar mixted  with honey, I do this myself and it works leaving my lips smooth . After I always use a lip balm, my all time favorite is from Carmex .
 I don't use foundation , I use and love BB cream , it's more light and it also hydrate your skin and giving it that glow look we love so much . 
And never stop using sunscreen when you go outside , you should't say goodbye to it just because summer is over.

Do you have any tips to cope with winter girls?

Don't forget the body , apply rich cream everyday 

Kisses R.


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